The New Era of playing CS:GO with MojoOnPC

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is also abbreviated as CS:GO or CSGO.  It is a fantastic online first-person shooter game that took the gaming industry by storm.  The game was produced by Hidden Path Entertainment and Valve Corporation. CSGO was first released in 2012.  The fascinating gameplay is riveting.  Just as the previous games in the series, CSGO is an objective-based multiplayer first-person shooter. Each player subsequently joins either the Terrorist or Counter-Terrorist team attempting to complete mission objectives or eliminating enemy combatants of which they can choose to use cs go hacks. The game functions in short rounds that are completed in the event all players on one side are killed or upon completion of team objectives. For most game modes, once a player dies, they need to wait for the completion of the round to respawn.

The gameplay includes the ability of players to buy the necessary weapons and equipment at the start of each round with funds awarded according to how they are performing.  Ability to complete objectives or kill the enemy earns you more money.  Subsequently, negative actions such as killing teammates or hostages makes you lose money.  Furthermore, upon the completion of  a round, all players get some amount of funds, with players on the winning team, obviously getting the bulk of the funds available for the round’s performance.

CSGO offers a new range of weapons and equipment not previously introduced in earlier installments.  It says a great deal about innovation for the series.  CSGO also offers five game modes for online play.

The first mode is Classic Casual and Competitive.  This is the most popular of all the game modes.  It features exciting Bomb Scenario and Hostage Scenario missions that really get the juices going.  At the beginning of each round, players are able to buy weapons and equipment with funds earned from a variety of actions such as assistance on kill missions in the completion of team objectives.  Regardless of mission type, a round is complete as soon as one team finishes their round objectives or via the process of eliminating the other team, or perhaps the timer may even elapse.   Should the timer expire before one of these objectives are completed, the team that did not need to complete an objective wins the round.

In Bomb Scenario, the stage is set as the Terrorists must plant a C4 explosive at one of two designated bombsites and protect it until its countdown finishes and detonates.  However, the Counter-Terrorists must stop the bomb’s explosion by either ensuring that the terrorists don’t get the opportunity to plant it or defuse it after planted. If the team fails to defuse it, the CT team still wins regardless how many enemy team members are still alive.

In Hostage Scenario, the the Counter-Terrorists need to rescue hostages from the Terrorists, delivering them to the designated extraction point.  Then, the Terrorists need to prevent the hostages from escape. If Terrorists or Counter-Terrorists attempts to kill hostages, they will be severely penalized via loss of points.  There are numerous more game scenarios that make CSGO a must-play.